52 weeks challenge

I decided to go with 52 week challenge....1 photo a week...the photo that makes me remember this week..it maybe a funny or a silly one.... a picture of a kid or just flowers...something that caught my eye...So here we go!

First week challenge is SPRING! I love everything about it : melting show, green grass, bright blue sky....

Second week challenge is B&W....


Week 3 challenge is "My town"!There are lots of beautiful places in Edmonton but i decided to add a little bit of creativity into this challenge :)Edmonton+Spring=.....

Week 4 challenge is "Something blue:) " . If you take a closer look-blue is everywhere-in the sky, in clothes we wear,in flowers, in ads and in RAINBOW! Thanks to Ksusha for drawing a special rainbow for mama!

Week 5 challenge is Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

Week 6 challenge...

Fort Calgary Park, a place where Future meets the Past....

Week 7 challenge is "Something BRIGHT" ! After almost 6 months of winter spring is finally here,bringing colors into everyone`s life!

Week 8...Mother`s day

 Week 9... "Spring is finally here!"

Week 10 "Nature"

Week 10...The photo to remember our trip...

Week 11 photo is the one od my daughter, Ksenia....Her first ballet photosession..She was all princess-ed up :make up, hair-do,costume..Cannot wait to see her on the stage! My little ballerina makes me soooo proud!

Week 12 "Happy color-yellow"

Week 13....It is hard to be a prince....ss! This is just a snapshot of my son-but this is what all this week was about-who has to wear the glasses today?!

Week 14 "Father`s day"

Week 15..Graduation day at playschool!

Week 16. Heat,sun, spray park!

Week 17...trying to catch up with the weekly challenge :) Missed way too many weeks while being on vacation..This week has some glimpses from our trip to Sakhalin

Week 18 odd pair :) There is nothing funnier than my kids.Those monkeys make me (and everyone else) laugh..we went to ice-cream shop and of course, kids wanted to dress up -here you can see that ODD PAIR!

Week 19...

Week 20..the summer is almost over, so we are trying to enjoy the last sunny (and hot) days of august..what can be better than going to Edmonton corn maze?

Week 21. August 28 is my daughter`s borthday..My little princess is growin up and i am just excited to see what is gonna happen next!

Summer is almost gone...But i look forward to season change....Bright colors of the fall-what can be more beautiful

Prarie gardens corn maze is a place where we go every year.Last time it fell on my B-day, this year-on Ksusha`s!

Week 22...It was our first day in kindergarden-who was more excited, happy-me or Ksusha-i do not know?

Week 23...Inspired by the post about Barbie wedding photo session.... I think every little girl has a period in her life when she wants to wear a wedding dress and marry her dad... Ksusha is not an exception... Born that way-is the theme of this week :)

To continue this week theme "Born this way"-here are some photos showing the way I was born :)Its up for you to guess-where was i born!

Week 23 "Happy B-day to me!!!!" This is my birthday week and i am very excited and happy to all the changes that are coming into my life...I started with having a haircut..what is coming next?-i do not know, but i am sure it will be something GREAT

Thanks for my family and friends for those beautiful flowers i received today!

Ukrainian heritage village is an awesome place to spend the day ! We were not that lucky with the weather that day as it was pretty windy but i still managed to get couple photos before it started raining...Enjoy!

Week 24...Autumn is in the air! Sasha is the one who brought them home...a bunch of yellow-ish leaves...They have been laying by the window for couple days before i realize-they makea GREAT subject for autumn week challnge!

Week 25 Its all about the mood

Week 26

Week 27. It all about growing up....and having fun!

Week 28  Our house can be mistaken for a toy store! I am sure you can find everything here-from Barbie house to cool trucks and trains...But what melts my heart is the attachement of my 5 year old daughter to her doll that she had for 4 years...

Week 29 .....  Sasha`s 3rd B-day! 3 years a go we welcomed our little man in our lives!Today he is a 3 year old big boy! YAY for Sasha!

100 faces of Ksusha

Week 30  Happy Halloween!

Week 31

Week 32... One of the places that kids love to go to is library! Took couple of pictures before the kids got into the world of books!

Week 34 First snow (nov 12, 2011)

Have you stopped today and looked around you? What have you noticed besides falling leaves  and cars that pass by, besides snow and geese flying south? Look at textures, richness of colors that natures presents us....

Week 35.Oh, those siblings!

Week 36

Week 37 Inspiration

Week 38. Snowy day

Week 39

Week 40

Week 41

Week 42 Angles, perspectives and windows

Week 43 What an expression! :)

Week 44 You can take a man out of his country but you cannot take country out of tha man....
Keeping russian traditions alive!

Week 45 Lovely ladies

Week 46

Week 47The spirit of the season

Week 48

Week 49

Week 50

Week 51